Smart. Targeted. Effective.

Mobile billboard advertising from JET Mobile Media means smart, targeted and effective advertising anywhere, anytime.


When it comes to mobile media campaigns, JET Mobile Media’s modern fleet of mobile billboard trucks makes your rolling ads come alive in full color and sound for a true, multi-sensory mobile advertising experience.

“We knew JET Mobile media would help us provide a unique advertising medium for our clients, but we never anticipated the level of customer service and attention to detail that they delivered.”

– Kristen Kissane, Account Executive, Van Winkle and Associates

Moving billboards mean precision marketing. That means you can take your message directly to your customers in the target market you define for truly customizable advertising.
Whether you need rolling ads in Atlanta or the southeast, or a fleet of mobile billboard trucks rolling nationwide, JET Mobile Media can make it happen. So call JET Mobile Media today and get your campaign moving.