About JET Mobile Media

Your Fully-Equipped Mobile Advertising Specialists

At JET Mobile Media, we have the right tools to skyrocket your exposure and save you money. Our team of dedicated mobile advertising experts will help you create an effective mobile marketing campaign that’s smart, targeted, and affordable – creating maximum impact for your money.

“The JET Mobile billboard was truly a head-turning advertising experience! Having the billboard at my events created an air of excitement that was impossible not to notice. We loved the mobile capabilities of our billboard; we were able to integrate it into both employee and consumer events. Also, the folks at JET Mobile Media are so easy to work with and partnered with us to meet our goals. The billboard was a fantastic, affordable investment that really helped us have a winning campaign.”

– Kevin, Senior Fortune 100, Advertising Manager

A State-of-the-Art Multimedia Experience

With Mobile Billboards by JET Mobile Media, you’ll benefit from one of the most modern fleet of billboard trucks in the industry. Your message and logo will be splashed across giant 10′ 6″ x 22′ 9″ billboards for more than 475 square feet of viewable area per truck. That equals “can’t-miss messaging” your customers can see from any angle. Add bright halogen lighting and a state-of-the-art outdoor sound system, and your message comes alive in full sight and sound, guaranteed to turn heads in your target market.

Customer Service That Delivers

While your customers will focus on our vibrant, mobile advertising, at JET Mobile Media our focus is you. We’ll work hard to deliver an attention-getting package that gets results while keeping an eye on keeping you satisfied. Call us today and let us prove our dedication to targeted, effective mobile advertising that gets it right every time.


Mandy North, CEO

JET Mobile Media